...a lively journey... radiates enthusiasm! Calgary Herald ...much more than a good tune and a good time. The Maple Ridge News ... one performer who deserves a national audience...crystal voice and tasteful renditions of both familiar and top-notch original songs... a clean folk-based sound that pleases both adults and children. Today's Parent Magazine ... attractive warm personality. Capac Review ... Clare...has definitely arrived! The Province ...a really grape singer! Amanda, age 4 ...I loved it ...the songs made me want to dance. Jessica Carey, Cumberland Elementary ...fell in love with your style and your music. Artistic Director-Mme. Cadillac Dance Theatre, Detroit, Michigan ... fabulous music and singing... entertaining style kept energy moving from start to finish. Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society -B.C. Chapter ...clear & sparkling voice...powerful gentleness. Comox Valley Free Press ... spirited presence & high level of musicianship...great show! Vancouver International Children's Festival ...lovely, warm, clear voice...simply shines and shimmers... Jürgen Gothe, Vancouver Sun & CBC Radio”
"I used to be notoriously Santaphobic, but this CD of festive jingles co-crafted and produced by my old sea daddy Jinx 'the banjo' Johnson has changed my life! Clare Brett's luscious voice is so smolderingly versatile that I could happily bathe in it, but not in that lazy, half-asleep, glasses on the end of your nose, barely listening kind of way. Oh no, no, no! This is a more your red-hot Scandinavian sauna, whip yourself with a sprig of birch, two shots of pepper vodka and roll around naked in the snow kind of bath. And like all converts to the christmas experience, I'm simply not prepared to keep it to myself. I want everyone else to feel the joy! So buy a copy, or download it for your I-thingy. Do it now or I'll send the gnomes round. And remember! I know where you live. I know where everyone lives!  ” - Michael Metcalfe