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Clare Brett/Clare de Lune"...a voice as clear and sparkling as a creek swollen by spring runoff", Clare Brett is known across Canada and around the world as a multilingual, multi-style singer and musician. Her unique combination of celtic, country, cajun, folk, blues and jazz, create a "magic web of music" adored by audiences everywhere. Clare has done extensive touring in Canada, Asia and the U.S., appearing at Louisiana's Festival International, Tramp's of New York City, Winnipeg's Festival du Voyageur, Ottawa's Winterlude, Taiwan's LeoFoo Village World Adventure Park, Tucson Arizona's Cowboy Traditions Festival and many more. Clare has released eleven albums, received two Juno nominations, been nominated for Pacific Music Industry Children's Performer of the Year and named one of the top three recording artists for children in Canada by Vicky Gabereau & Jürgen Gothe of CBC Radio & the Vancouver Sun. More albums are forthcoming. Performing under the stage name of Clare de Lune, she has made over twenty-five appearances on internationally broadcast TV shows such as Fred Penner's Place and Tell-a-Tale Town. Clare has toured all across Canada, Asia and the southeastern U.S. with her lively family performances . Commissioned by The Family Channel,YTV, Rogers Cable and The Vancouver Fire Department, Clare has also written and performed a series of songs for Kids in the Firehall: winner of several awards including the Bronze Apple Educational Award of Excellence. Selected Performances International Louisiana's Festival International Lafayette, Louisana,U.S.A. Bumbershoot Festival Seattle,Washington, U.S.A. Fiddlehead Dance Camp Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A. Tramp's of New York New York, New York, U.S.A. Liberty Theatre Eunice, Louisiana,U.S.A. Pensacola Crawfish Festival Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A. Pensacola Alligator Festival Pensacola, Florida,U.S.A. LeoFoo Village-Wild West World Taoyuan County, Taiwan Hsinchu Cultural Centre Concert Series Hsinchu, Taiwan Canada Festival du Voyageur Winnipeg, Manitoba Bal de Neige-Winterlude Ottawa, Ontario Vancouver International Children's Festival Vancouver B.C. Calgary International Children's Festival Calgary, Alberta First Night at the PNE Vancouver, B.C. Canada Day On Parliament Hill Ottawa-Hull,Ontario-Quebec New Brunswick Arts Council Tour '97 New Brunswick Radio and Television Appearances Fred Penner Show (8 guest appearances) CBC Tell-A-Tale Town (17 guest appearances) YTV/U-TV, Family Channel Les Petites Oreilles CBUFT- Radio-Canada Télé Relais Radio-Canada RIck Scott's Concert Series BCTV Kids in the Firehall Rogers Cable & Family Channel Rodrigue: A Man and His Dog PBS Louisiana, U.S.A. Discography Clare de Lune and Company (Today's Parent acclaim) 1988 Swing on a Star(Juno Nominee) 1990 Rendez-vous Soleil(Juno Nominee) 1990 Bayou Berceuse (CBC Radio acclaim) 1992 Cadien - chansons du bayou 1992, River 1997, Voyageur, Sleepytime and Singin & Swingin 2000, Shenanigan - Mortal Daze 2001 Elephant of Surprise 2006, Way More Fun 2010, Mistletoe and Memories 2012

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Clare Brett - Certified Integrative Coach

"We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen."Jane Austen wrote this two hundred years ago and it is as true today as it was then. We still ask the same questions too.... Are you driving or just holding onto the reins? This is a question my carriage driving teacher asked when I wanted a more exciting team of horses. When I knew - could feel the difference, I was a real teamster (draft horse driver). What do you have to let go of in order to discover the endless possibilities of who you can be? Just as I have experienced in my own life, these are the questions to which you can find the answer in a coaching relationship. In January of 2002, I went off a cliff in my car. It was a metaphor for a life of constantly being on the edge of disaster and refusing to look at the underlying issues. I had Debbie Ford's book " The Secret of the Shadow" on the seat beside me and when I scooped up my purse to climb out of that car and up the cliff, Debbie's book was in my hand. At the top of the cliff I had something of an epiphany. As a struggling musician, I had spent many years 'serving my art' and was really tired of being broke and hating half the gigs I took because I had to. I made two promises to myself at the top of that cliff. One, I would give up playing bars for a living. Two, I would give myself the gift of going to San Diego for the Shadow Process Weekend Workshop. I did both and at that workshop, fell so in love with this work that I decided to become a coach. It's my pleasure and my honor to hold the space for other women and men to fall in love with themselves and create a life that reflects that. During the Shadow Process Workshop weekend, an inspiring being by the name of Debbie Ford took me aside at the end of a session and said "Clare, this weekend, the most important questions you have to answer for yourself are: To whom am I giving my power? and What do I need to let go of to get what I want?" They were the most important questions anyone had asked me. And when I went inside and listened to the inner guides Jane Austen had written about so very long ago, I did find the answers to those questions and they began this journey to self discovery and owning my space. I'm still asking those questions and discovering new ways to let go and step up. After my 'cliff diving' experience and my wonderful weekend at the Shadow Process, I took a two week follow-up course during the summer. Through that and a four month coaching relationship with a fabulous coach called Sharon Keefer, I got the job of my dreams (working with horses in Stanley Park), took both the Blueprint and Essentials coaching course and have been having the time of my life sharing this work with exciting and wonderful people… like you! Because you're reading this, you've already made the first step into a life-changing path. You'll never be the same again. Your own answers are inside you! And leading you through an exquisitely designed series of processes, lovingly created by best selling author Debbie Ford, I will guide you into tapping the infinite wisdom that resides inside each one of us. In our coaching relationship you can expect to: * Discover a rich inner world of the wisdom of your higher self * Learn to extract information and direction from that space inside you * Take powerful and life-changing action that will lead you to the life you desire - and deserve! * Learn the power of setting goals and moving forward in integrity and discipline * Step joyfully into truly loving and honoring yourself Clare Brett Certified Integrative Coach