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Clare: CDs

Mistletoe Memories - Double Album CD

24-tracks of Xmas favourites, divided into 2 CDs.  Fireside, 12 tracks of easy-listening Christmas songs - great for a cozy evening in; and Sleigh Ride, a more eclectic up-tempo mix of 12 Christmas standards.

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Mortal Daze

Traditional Irish Music and beautiful ballads.
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Listen and love it!

Children's music


A beautiful peaceful way to drift to dreamland whether you're a grown up or a little one...
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Superbly professional company... I love them and so will you.


Clare de Lune and a delightful little girl take a magical trip round the world and discover that the key to discovery is the inner world of the imagination.
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Singing and Swinging

A rollicking collection of lively songs to make your feet tap your fingers snap!
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Clare's favorite French tunes... toutes en francais...
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Elephant of Surprise

This is the newest to come from Clare de Lune... it's a collection of the wacky and zany flavoured with a soupcon of the exquisitely beautiful....
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