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Clare: Blog

The month of love...

Posted on February 18, 2013 with 0 comments
February - my mama's 80th birthday, the passing of a beloved mentor and teacher, my son's 35th birthday - how did that happen so fast?.... the 16th anniversary of my relationship with my beloved little Border Collie Tess... pondering life in all its messy, joyful, painful, funny, agonizing, flawed, and exquisite glory. I'm looking forward to singing for St Patricks Day at several seniors homes.... still available for some evenings should anyone need a chick singer with a plethora of Irish songs of all kinds.

January 2012

Posted on January 26, 2012 with 0 comments
Well, first time I've ever had a blog of my own! '11 was a year of changes and moves and '12 looks to be another one. The year of the Dragon indeed! I love dragons so hopefully it'll be a good one. My resolution this year is to make a Christmas album. It's been a LONG time and it's about time Mrs Santa had one isn't it? I'll be at the Krause Berry Farm in a few weeks, getting things ready for a wonderful summer of music and wagon rides come spring. Meantime moving is a big ol hassle but hopefully it'll be the last one for awhile.
St Paddy's day looks like the Jolly Miller in Chilliwack with the Roughians (Diamonds in the Rough) although in deference to the day we'll revert to the old celtic name of Shenanigan.... should be fun!
May have some jazz coming up and perhaps a fundraiser or two....

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